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Introducing ICE, an innovative way for your facility or institution to take advantage of the

Katie Adamson Conservation Fund ecosystem to grow your own footprint in:



Provided by Katie Adamson Conservation Fund






The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund transcends the role of a typical endangered animal conservation organization. Our mission encompasses a spectrum of impactful initiatives that extend beyond preservation alone. While our central objective revolves around the protection of endangered species, our approach entails a multifaceted strategy.

Our core emphasis remains on safeguarding endangered animals. However, our approach involves a synergistic blend of elements such as youth education, fostering community sustainability, leveraging the world's largest custom 360 animal virtual reality library and technology for immersive education, and facilitating career advancement for individuals who are impassioned about the species we strive to aid.

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is a community-based conservation organization based in the Denver, Colorado area.  It was established in 2014 by Zookeeper Dave Johnson after we lost a dear friend and conservation ally, Katie Adamson, in her battle with cancer.  Since that day we have been dedicated to a global mission of wildlife protection and cultural compassion. 


As a powerful group of all ages and mindsets, we want to leave this world a better place for those that follow.  The species we share this planet with deserve protection and dedication, and together we are doing everything we can to ensure they have a place and a voice.


Katie would want it this way!

Together with you, we want to save this world.  By working together we can ensure that our fellow creatures have a community that cherishes them and protects them.  We travel and educate, we laugh and create change, we empower and embolden.  We are an organization of people who help animals by helping people.  It is our conservation imperative.


Join us as we teach at schools, build beehive fences to protect communities and gardens from elephants, train people how to sustain themselves without poaching wildlife, set up speaker presentations and create fundraisers, climb mountains and run races.  There is no insignificant species and no journey too far to travel. 


Help us to spread this conservation karma from shore to peak.  We are more powerful when our voices echo together.

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What is an Integrated Conservation
Experience by KACF?


Have some ICE (Integrated Conservation Experience) and get really cool! 

ICE is simply a way for your facility or institution to take advantage of the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund ecosystem to help grow your own footprint in endangered animal conservation, youth & education, community & sustainability, virtual reality for entertainment and immersive education, and career development.


The KACF was established by Dave Johnson, an experienced zookeeper with over three decades of hands-on involvement in the field. Dave's profound understanding of the zoo environment equips us with a distinctive perspective on the hurdles that zoos and aquariums encounter when embarking on the establishment and operation of conservation biology and education departments. Undertaking such endeavors can indeed appear daunting and financially impractical. How can one effectively participate in global conservation initiatives, educate communities both near and far, offer career development opportunities to staff, and engage target audiences, all while maintaining financial sustainability?

Over the course of the past nine years, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund has meticulously constructed a substantial conservation presence across 24 countries. We've achieved this by tirelessly fundraising, actively participating in on-the-ground conservation efforts, cultivating valuable relationships and networks, involving local communities and dedicated zookeepers, crafting educational conservation literature for individuals of all ages, and most recently, joining forces with Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS). WPS is the provider of WildXR, a comprehensive library featuring the world's largest collection of custom 360-degree virtual reality animal videos, thoughtfully designed to both entertain and educate.

Just envision the possibilities if institutions like yours had access to an array of offerings like these. Consider how your facility could leverage and profit from some or all of these options, with minimal to no upfront financial commitment on your part.


We invite you to take a moment to explore our exceptional array of offerings. You'll undoubtedly be astonished by the tremendous advantages that your facility, staff, and visitors can gain from utilizing the tools and connections we've diligently forged and assembled, all in support of the cause of preserving endangered animals, fostering education, and engaging with communities. We possess exceptional insights and expertise on how to execute these initiatives exceptionally well.


It would be greatly beneficial for us to have a conversation.

KACF offers your facility an à la carte
menu of ICE options.

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Worldwide Endangered Animal Conservation Initiatives. 

Leverage your Conservation Biology department with the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund.  We've spent the past nine years building a conservation footprint in 24 countries through extensive fundraising and boots on the ground hard work.  By building and nurturing personal relationships with people and communities we have managed to create a strong foundation of networks that support our conservation initiatives.

Our goal as a conservation organization non-profit is not to lay claim on any one area or initiative, but to make our endeavors widely available to any person or organization for the betterment of wildlife.  The KACF employs a multifaceted approach to save endangered animals around the world, combining scientific research, community engagement, habitat restoration, advocacy, and direct intervention.

We are driven by a combination of ethical, ecological, economic, and cultural reasons to save endangered wildlife. Our work contributes not only to the protection of individual species but also to the overall health and balance of our planet's ecosystems.

As many zoos and aquariums around the world struggle with funding to build and maintain a robust Conservation Biology department, now is the perfect time to work with us and lay claim to helping in your conservation initiative of choice and add it to your facility portfolio without the capital expenditure to create it.

There are a multitude of ways you can do this.  Let's discuss some options.  Reach out to us here.

Career Development_png.png

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF), through its Integrated Conservation Experience (ICE), offers a comprehensive platform that empowers zookeepers and animal-focused professionals to elevate their career development by actively engaging with conservation initiatives, both locally and internationally. Here's a succinct overview of how KACF leverages ICE for this purpose:

Integrated Conservation Experience (ICE): KACF's ICE program is a dynamic platform that seamlessly integrates career development opportunities with hands-on engagement in conservation initiatives. It serves as a bridge between the world of animal care and conservation, offering a holistic experience.

Career Enhancement: For zookeepers and animal-focused professionals, ICE provides a unique avenue for career growth and development. It allows them to gain valuable insights into the broader field of conservation biology, going beyond the traditional roles of animal care to become well-rounded conservationists.

Hands-On Engagement: Through ICE, participants have the opportunity to actively engage in local and international conservation projects. This hands-on experience exposes them to real-world conservation challenges, enabling them to apply their expertise and make a tangible impact on endangered species and ecosystems.

Professional Networking: ICE fosters connections and networking opportunities with conservation experts, fellow professionals, and organizations. These relationships open doors to collaboration and future career prospects, enhancing the professional growth of participants.

Local and International Reach: KACF's ICE program operates on both local and international levels, providing participants with a global perspective on conservation. This exposure broadens their understanding of diverse ecosystems and conservation strategies.

Skill Diversification: Participants in ICE have the chance to diversify their skill set by working on a wide range of conservation projects. This not only makes them more adaptable professionals but also equips them with a deeper knowledge of conservation biology.

Personal Growth: Beyond career development, ICE encourages personal growth by fostering a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. Participants often develop a stronger connection to the natural world and a heightened commitment to conservation causes.

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund leverages the Integrated Conservation Experience (ICE) as a transformative platform that empowers zookeepers and animal-focused professionals to enhance their career development. Through hands-on engagement in local and international conservation initiatives, networking opportunities, skill diversification, and personal growth, ICE equips participants with the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to become well-rounded conservationists, contributing significantly to the preservation of endangered species and ecosystems.

Youth and Education_png.png

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF) is actively committed to engaging youth on a global scale through a multifaceted approach that encompasses both educational and recreational initiatives. Our primary objective is to cultivate environmental consciousness, instill an appreciation for conservation, and nurture a sense of responsibility toward the Earth's biodiversity among young individuals.

To achieve these goals, the KACF has developed an engaging series of conservation-oriented books specifically tailored to children of all ages. These books not only impart valuable knowledge but also captivate young readers with compelling narratives and vibrant illustrations that convey vital lessons about endangered species, ecosystems, and the significance of conservation efforts.

Furthermore, we actively encourage youth to become active participants in their local communities. Through a range of initiatives, our organization inspires young individuals to assume a proactive role in conservation endeavors. This involvement can take various forms, from participating in local clean-up initiatives and offering support to wildlife sanctuaries to embarking on conservation-related projects within their schools and neighborhoods.

In pursuit of our mission, the KACF collaborates closely with educational institutions, schools, and youth-centric organizations. These strategic partnerships facilitate the expansion of our outreach and impact. They frequently involve the development of educational programs, workshops, and outreach events that directly engage with young people and motivate their enthusiastic involvement in conservation activities.

Ultimately, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is wholly dedicated to nurturing the next generation of conservationists. We achieve this through the provision of easily accessible, engaging, and informative educational resources and opportunities for youth worldwide. Leveraging our website and our extensive network of partners, the KACF endeavors to instill a profound appreciation for nature and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the invaluable biodiversity of our planet among young individuals.

Community Sustainability_png.png

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is deeply committed to fostering sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with both local and international communities, all driven by the overarching mission of preserving biodiversity and safeguarding endangered animals.

Local Community Engagement: KACF places a strong emphasis on actively involving local communities in areas where conservation initiatives are underway. This inclusive approach encompasses collaborative projects, community workshops, and educational programs aimed at empowering residents to become dedicated stewards of their natural surroundings. By engaging with local populations, KACF fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility for the well-being of their ecosystems and the endangered species that call them home.

Global Outreach: Beyond local engagement, KACF extends its outreach efforts to communities around the world. Through strategic partnerships, networking, and collaboration with international organizations, KACF builds connections and raises awareness about the critical importance of biodiversity and conservation. This global outreach fosters a shared commitment to safeguarding our planet's endangered animals and ecosystems.

Wildlife Protection Initiatives: KACF actively supports and collaborates with wildlife protection organizations, such as Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS), to implement innovative strategies for safeguarding endangered animals. These initiatives often involve the deployment of cutting-edge technology and conservation methodologies that yield benefits for both wildlife and the surrounding communities.

Educational Programs: KACF offers a diverse range of educational programs meticulously designed to inform and inspire communities about the intrinsic value of biodiversity and the urgent imperative of conservation. These educational initiatives reach audiences both locally and globally, ensuring that knowledge about endangered animals and ecosystems transcends geographical boundaries.

In essence, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is unwavering in its dedication to cultivating robust, sustainable, and mutually supportive relationships with communities, both near and far. By actively involving these communities in conservation endeavors, providing education, and advocating for policy change, KACF aspires to nurture a harmonious coexistence between humanity and biodiverse ecosystems. Through these collective efforts, KACF tirelessly strives to protect endangered animals for the benefit of present and future generations.

Virtual Reality_png.png

Powered by WildXR, the world's largest library of 360 VR animal footage.

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, in collaboration with Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS), harnesses the power of virtual reality (VR) to offer immersive educational experiences. This innovative approach provides significant benefits both to the viewers of the VR content and to the institutions offering these immersive experiences. Here's a concise summary of how our partnership leverages VR for educational purposes:


Immersive Educational Content: Through its partnership with WPS, KACF offers a captivating library of 360-degree virtual reality animal videos known as WildXR, the world's largest custom made video library of its kind. These VR experiences transport viewers to the natural habitats of endangered animals, providing a lifelike and immersive learning environment.


Powered by

Educational Benefits for Viewers: Viewers of the VR content gain a deeper understanding of endangered species, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. They have the opportunity to witness wildlife behavior and habitats firsthand, fostering a more profound connection to nature and a heightened sense of empathy for endangered animals. This immersive learning experience makes complex conservation concepts more accessible and memorable.

Engagement and Awareness: VR experiences are highly engaging, capturing the attention and interest of viewers, especially younger generations. This increased engagement leads to greater awareness of conservation issues and a more profound commitment to protecting endangered animals and ecosystems. It also sparks curiosity and a desire to learn more about conservation efforts.

Institutional Benefits: Institutions, such as zoos, aquariums, and educational centers, benefit from offering VR experiences as part of their educational programs. These immersive experiences enhance their educational offerings, making them more appealing to visitors and school groups. VR can attract new audiences and boost attendance, leading to increased revenue and support for conservation initiatives.

Cost-Effective Education: VR technology allows institutions to deliver high-quality educational content without the need for expensive physical exhibits or extensive travel. This cost-effective approach enables institutions to allocate resources more efficiently, directing funds toward critical conservation projects.

Global Reach: The virtual nature of these experiences transcends geographical boundaries, enabling institutions to reach a global audience. This broadens their impact and extends their conservation message to individuals worldwide, fostering a sense of global community in conservation efforts.

In summary, the partnership between the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund and Wildlife Protection Solutions leverages virtual reality to provide immersive educational experiences that benefit both viewers and the institutions offering these experiences. Viewers gain a deeper understanding of conservation, become more engaged in environmental issues, and develop a stronger connection to endangered animals. For institutions, VR enhances their educational programs, attracts diverse audiences, and promotes cost-effective, globally accessible conservation education. Together with you, we can advance the cause of wildlife preservation and environmental awareness.

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What is I.C.E.?

KACF was at the 2023 AAZK Conference in Akron, Ohio from
September 17 through 21


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